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I draw in my own manga style, and mostly do girls, but I'm getting used to drawing guys too. I mainly do fanarts, but occasionally, I completely recreate an existing concept or create an original character. I have a lot of practice to do to get better this... //cries

Someday I will explode with talent and totally dislike all the past stuff I did that I currently think is awesome.

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Too many things about games in here...


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Female(?) | INFJ | USA | ♏︎ | Processed Irish Potato | Inexperienced CSGO Mango
I'm a huge nerd who arts. No biggie.
If you want to use my art for ANYTHING, you MUST ASK FIRST!!

Hello! Call me Kelly, K, Kei, whatever. I’m just some girl (i guess) from ‘Murica.

I love drawing! I’m a developing artist who can do digital and traditional, and hopes to do animating or illustration someday. But I’m still learning, so don’t hate me if something is off. I’m also learning Japanese!

I usually do fanart, but sometimes I make up my own stuff or do a gijinka or something like that.

Current fandoms:
Zelda, Splatoon, FNAF (faLLiNgbACk in heLL), Undertale, Steven Universe, Fairy Tail, Noragami, and various other mangas, animes, and games that I like.

I'd appreciate a watch! I update frequently, but not always. I try not to disappoint.

List of other accounts
There was this drawing challenge on Zelda Amino leading up to BotW's release, so I just wanted to share links to different segments! These the last set or two was late because of extended breaks coming form me not wanting to rush, but at least I got them all done.


Enjoy! I might but some of these up here too, but I doubt it.
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Okay maaaaaaaaaaybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration... But yeah, it is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, in case you were wondering :)


I swear to God, my heart was pounding as i was making my way through Hyrule Castle. I may not be a completionist, but I at least wanted to finish all 120 shrines, get the Hylian Shield, and equip all the proper gear before moving to the sanctum.
So, I walk in, and as Zelda's power collapses, this MONSTER drops from the ceiling and takes us crashing through the floor. And after it takes it's arachnid-like stand, the divine beasts take their shots. And man, they do not disappoint. The four of them take out HALF of the Calamity's health, which was a big help, since some of the strongest weapons I used barely damaged him. (I feel sorry for all those people who were like "EFF THE STORY, I'M GOING STRAIGHT FOR CLAMMY GANNY")
It was definitely a boss that tested all the basic abilities, though I can see why people would say it's a letdown, especially the second phase. It reminded me of the Hyrule Warriors final boss, actually. At least I got the light bow, yaaaaaay!
Though I must say, the ending cutscenes were a bit of a letdown as well. Since I reclaimed all my memories and freed all four beasts, I got the ending in which the champions' and King Rhoam's spirits were freed, and Link and Zelda continued their restoration of the land. Buuuuut it was underwhelming, to be honest. I'm yet to discover the ending in which you don't "remember [her]", but I plan to do another playthrough in which I don't finish the story, and in turn, get the untrue ending. I also want to do a commemorative art piece, in addition to the things I already started. The ideas don't stop! And now that the story is over, I can finally watch the reviews, timeline debriefs, and memeage in my watch later. :)

I implore, please play this game. I'm not lying; this game is truly fantastic. Nintendo really stepped it up with this one. gg.
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EDIT #4: Only less than a week to go!
EDIT #3: Still another week or two to go! Please, spare the time and contribute!!
EDIT #2: currently at about 30 entries! Keep it up you guys, we need reliable statistics!

EDIT: two days in and already doing great! Be sure to read the introduction first.

Please take my survey on the importance of feminism for an American history research/writing project! Thanks!………
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I’ve commented a lot on videos from this channel as well, maybe you can find them. I’ve also pointed out translation differences and tidbits there, too.

  • Mipha and Zelda, i have similar thoughts on. I think Mipha’s jp voice has better delivery and a closer fitting voice, while for Zelda, her eng delivery is better and her jp is closer to her age.
    • Part of me was hoping that Mipha shared a seiyuu with Wendy Marvell, since they sound similar and are both healers; sadly for me this is not the case.
  • They nailed Yunobo in localization, imo. It’s a young adult sounding voice, while fitting his timid and soft personality. Though they didn’t do so great in nonverbal sections. His jp just sounds like a kid. At least they kept the “goro”.
  • Daruk’s eng came out on top for me.
  • I always thought that Revali’s characterization change was for the better, sounding more cocky and less flamboyant. (that’s just the vibe i got, idk)
  • Urbosa is a tie.
  • Same for Teba, eng has slight edge for me.
  • Same with Sidon, but his jp is definitely more energetic
    • Interesting side note; his seiyuu is Yuki Kaaji, who’s not only known for playing Eren, but was also Link in HW. So how does that make you feel?
  • I liked Riju’s jp way better, as she sounded more like a child/teen. (which she is)
  • I prefer Rhoam’s eng and Impa’s jp
  • might update with more later?
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Nice deviantart comments... twitter notes... Amino users pulling me over just to tell me I'm goals... small rp communities encouraging me... supported by promo blog... friends and mutuals showing their appreciation... where did all this sudden encouragement come from? I dont wanna stop now
Whether a hero rocks a cool scarf or a rito rocks a cool name, we always forget that a Lorulean did it first.
I need to respond to my friends' serious posts maturely instead of being all like "HAH cALLED IT stay cool buddy catch ya around (- v-)b" because honestly I've done that so many times so if I did that to you I'm so sorry
like,, four people have asked to use my art of Red for RP etc purposes and it’s honestly such a blessing that i’m like... out there ;v;
I want the next big Zelda game to focus on the backstories presented in botw (the 10,000-year-old tale of technological implication). It could be an open-air game, and be a similar Hyrule, but we get to see something resembling the current Hyrule as it was bustling. We’d also get to see the Sheikahs’ true emersion from the shadows, the creation of the guardians and divine beasts, and the first-ever champions to pilot them (the ones on the tapestry are different than the ones we know in botw). Also, I might just be late to the party since i haven’t beaten the game, but I don’t think it’s entirely explained how the calamity arose.


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